Buying your next home and selling your current residential property can come with numerous decisions and considerations regarding the specific real estate details. Throughout the entire process of selling one home and buying another, you deserve a positive experience and ultimate success and satisfaction with your choices. Selling your home can quickly become challenging and overwhelming, especially when considering listing for sale by owner homes. Currently, in the real estate industry, multiple listing services, or MLS, are one of the most dominant online resources used regularly by real estate brokers to share their current property listings. Additionally, with continually emerging tech platforms looking to make the information on multiple listing services more accessible overall, the previous traditional process of selling and buying homes is rapidly changing. Real estate technology continues to take the industry by storm. 

The future of selling your home is ever-evolving and developing, with new options and opportunities presenting themselves regularly. In addition to working exclusively with your trusted real estate agent as an owner or a buyer and scheduling showing and listing views, there are other more advanced options currently available and developing that you can take advantage of for greater visibility and other impactful benefits to support your time, effort, and budget funds. One popular method of approaching selling your current home is flat-fee listings. In this article, we’ll discuss how flat-fee listings are changing the game, including the details of MLS flat fee listings, the benefits of flat fee real estate services, and where you can find flat fee MLS in Chicago if you’re an area resident looking to make a true success of selling your home today.

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MLS Flat Fee

In addition to all the impactful benefits of using the expertise and knowledge of your real estate agent in the area, MLS flat fee listings can offer you many more benefits to reward and make the most of your time, effort, and budget funds. MLS flat-fee listings are changing the game by allowing individual property sellers and buyers to have a method to connect more directly than ever before. They can connect more directly and effectively on their terms. On many modern systems, property owners and buyers can communicate more directly, saving all active participants a great deal of confusion and time. There are opportunities through flat-fee listings to enjoy an alternative to selling your current home, listing your valuable property on a multiple listing service platform.

With a multiple listing service, real estate agents can share property listings and list different properties directly with other real estate professionals, helping their clients have a much greater level of visibility and ultimate success selling their homes through an online database. There are also more local MLS databases available that handle the property listings for a particular area. However, real estate agents still generally retain access and posting capability on local MLS platforms. 

Suppose your residential property doesn’t have a listing up on your local multiple listing service database. In that case, many agents and home buyers may not even see your valuable property is currently up for sale. For the most significant success with your next real estate venture overall, you need the reliable expertise and network of a trusted real estate company, such as Chicago’s Prello Realty, in addition to utilizing the valuable exposure of a MLS.


Benefits of Flat Fee Real Estate Services

While you do need a trusted real estate agent to receive access to flat fee real estate services, numerous impactful benefits to these types of services make it well worth it as an additional resource. Arguably, one of the most significant benefits of a flat fee MLS listing service is the flat fee that provides you with extensive services and listing capabilities. A flat fee MLS listing service will leave most of the property-selling process up to you. While a standard flat fee MLS listing service gives you basic access to listing capabilities, more extensive flat fee MLS services can provide you with additional assistance for an additional charge. For example, some flat fee MLS services can offer you marketing services such as a professional photographer or yard signs. You can also buy services such as assistance with contracts, paperwork, and closing.

Flat fee real estate services are arguably the most effective and economical method to market your property. Flat-fee listings are changing the game by making the selling process easy and fast, beginning by choosing the right plan for you. If you’re looking to sell a home in the Chicago area, Prello Realty can provide you with three essential flat fee MLS packages. These options include MLS Basic, MLS Plus, and MLS Pro. MLS Basic and Plus are for sale or rental properties, while MLS Pro is exclusively for selling properties. Each type utilizes multiple property listing websites and local realtor sites. MLS Basic provides a six-month listing period. MLS Plus provides a nine-month listing period. MLS Pro gives you a one-year listing period. Basic and Plus come with standard yard signs, while Pro has a professional sign. Each has numerous other impactful features you can explore and consider today.

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Flat Fee MLS in Chicago

When it comes to quickly, thoroughly, and economically listing and selling your current valuable residential property, flat-fee listings are a truly invaluable resource, especially when combined with the network, expertise, and knowledge of a trusted local realtor. If you’re in the market to buy or sell a home in the Chicago area, choose Prello Realty for unmatched customer support and impactful buying and selling solutions. Connect with us today to experience how flat-fee listings are changing the game with solutions for flat fee MLS in Chicago.