If you’re looking at how to sell your home for sale by owner, or with a listing agent, one of the key aspects to look into is when to list your house. Seasons of Chicago real estate vary based on external factors including the overall market and the economy, but there are specific considerations for when the best time is to sell houses in Chicago. Listing your house at the right time can mean a faster sale and a higher average house price in Chicago, meaning more profit for the sellers. 

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Chicago Illinois Real Estate in Spring and Summer 

Overall weather and climate can affect the real estate market. In northern climates, such as Chicago, snow and cold that are present in the winter months can make house showing less appealing. This is one of the reasons spring and summer, or April through August, is an ideal time to sell a house in Chicago. The warmer months have several advantages for sellers in the Chicago real estate market. 

Better Weather: Most activities are more enjoyable when the weather is better, and that includes house hunting. Compared to the harsh winters, travel to and around house showings is simply easier in the spring and summer. Cleaning snow for showings, possible canceled showings due to weather, and having to deal with snowy, muddy boots and trying to keep the property clean are hassles that don’t apply in the spring and summer. 

Curb Appeal: While a home with freshly fallen snow in the yard can be pretty for a day or two, it’s no contest that curb appeal is higher in the spring. Flowers and gardens are blooming, and grasses and trees are lush and green. Springtime yards are more aesthetically pleasing than melting snow, ice, and slush. 

Daylight: While buyers should visit their prospective new home both during the day and the evening, the longer daylight hours of the spring mean more time for initial viewings. The more viewings, the more likely the home is to sell quickly, or initiate a bidding war and increase the average house cost in Chicago. 

Families and Schedules: Families with children often aim to move while school is out in the summer rather than during the school year if possible, making late spring the ideal time for them to buy. Additionally, depending on their industry, many people’s jobs and companies may be less busy in the summer months, giving prospective buyers more time to dedicate to their home search. Children’s extracurriculars such as sports and scouts also calm down in the summer, giving parents more time and flexibility in scheduling showings. 

If you are working with a listing agent like the professionals at Prello Realty, or looking up “sell my home for sale by owner,” and utilizing flat fee MLS listings, springtime is probably the best time to sell your house in Chicago. 

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Selling Houses in Chicago in the Cooler Months 

While the warmer months may be the best time to sell, it does not mean it’s impossible, or even a bad idea to sell your home for sale by owner or with a listing agent in the cooler months. September through March have their own advantages and tips for selling houses in Chicago. 

Earlier fall weather, including the leaves changing color, can be ideal for home showings. The heat of summer is gone, and it’s yet to be bitterly cold. While curb appeal may not be as lush and green, the fall colors add their own sense of curb appeal. Listing your home in the earlier fall can attract more serious buyers. Moving to a new home during the winter in Chicago sounds unpleasant, so buyers in the fall may be motivated to close and move in before the winter weather hits. This motivation can give the sellers some more negotiating power. 

The fall and the winter are known to have less inventory on the market compared to the rest of the year. While there are also fewer buyers looking, having less competition on your listing can make your house stand out more, especially in the cooler months. 

While families looking to simply move into a house that better fits their growing family or couples who are now empty nesters and are looking to downsize have control over when they decide to move, many people don’t have that freedom. Folks moving due to job relocations can be moving at any point in time throughout the year. These buyers may need to move during the colder months no matter what the weather is. 

Even if the weather is terrible for showings, and the curb appeal is hidden by layers of snow, today’s digital tools can make sure your house can be viewed no matter the weather. Most buyers start their search online, and tools such as virtual and video tours can make selling your home in the winter easier. 

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When you are ready to sell your house in Chicago, Prello Realty’s Chicago real estate experts are ready to help you determine the best method for listing your property, the best time to sell, and how to market the listing. Whether you decide to use a listing agent or use the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) system and market the property yourself, our team of experienced agents will provide the support, tips, tricks, and guidance you need. Prello has been helping buyers, sellers, and investors for over twenty years in the Chicagoland area. We’ve dealt with Chicago’s weather, the real estate landscape, the economy, and the changing average house costs in Chicago (currently around $300k). We’ve dealt with it all! When you are looking to sell in Chicago, contact Prello Realty.