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MLS Basic MLS Plus MLS Pro
Upfront Flat Fee $195 $295 $495
Fee at Closing $0 $0 $0
Local MLS Listing
Showcased Listing on, Trulia, Zillow and many other websites Standard Listing
Listing Term 3 months 1 year Until Sold
Cancel Anytime - no long term contracts
Number of Photos Allowed 1 photo 25 photos 25 photos
Professional Photography $165 $165 Included
Appointment Scheduling & Feedback Service $85 $85 Included
Combination Lockbox $45 $45 Included
Standard Yard Sign
Unlimited Listing Changes
Open House Advertising
Live Agent and Administrative Support
Market Snapshot Report to Assist with Pricing
Personal Pricing Consultation
Sales Contract Negotiation Assistance
Dedicated Broker Support
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